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Thursday. 4.14.05 6:10 pm
Hmm.. Haven't updated this in awhile. Life's been the same. School and work and school and work and school and work. Hm.. good thing though, there are officially only 6 more mondays left of school. YAY. how cool is that? lol. Dang, this year has gone by pretty fast. Next year is gonna go hecka fast since i only have three classes. then its graduation ..!!

so.. i got an ipod sock for my ipod. it's the gray one. me and my sister went after work to fashion show with friends to get it. haha. the other day, my sister and i went to go eat at this pho place, and they totally like ignored us. so we left, and complained to the manager, i think it's cuz we're brown. i'm never going there again.

i have to write an essay tonight. about this one poem that we read in class. we have to analyze the figurative languages he used to make the theme we perceived stronger. eww. dlafjdalf. i think it was Birches by Robert Frost. anyone know anything? lol

hmm today was the culture fest. it was ok. the lasgna i bought was pretty damn good. haha. mona and joan and mishey ended up coming. it was fun hanging out with them again. i haven't seen them in awhile. i freaking won the cake walk!! i won a cake for a dollar. it was a pretty good cake. YES SIREE. it was funny cuz these guys kept hitting on mona and stuff, and i just kept laughing. hm.joan and mona came over after the fest. they ran into my room and started looking at pictures. my room was the messiest ever. joan left at 4, i dropped mona off at 430. ronald and i made chocolate chip banana bread. or he made it, and i ate. haha.

i'm freaking tired. i haven't been getting much sleep. probably like 5 a night. i haven't been able to sleep in for quite awhile now. i'm going to order my computer soon. HOPEFULLY. i want to play counter strike again. =]


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End of Spring Break
Monday. 3.28.05 8:42 pm
I had school today. It was the official end of my spring break. It sucked.

Hm. Haven't been doing much lately. Spring Break was OK, but it was better than going to school. All I worked almost all week. At least I'll have money for the computer I need to buy. I finally saw Hitch. It was pretty funny. I'm quite tired right now. Not enough sleep last night.

I have tons of hw due. I have to like read two books by friday. Anyone have any good books that they would like to suggest? Sucks. Yes. afaefadfa. Can't wait till summer. Yes. I made chili cheese dogs today. They were quite delicious.

History class was the same as always. I brought my D up into an A. YAY. It was boring today. I had to read this one long ass thing that our English teacher wanted us to read during the break. Federalist #10. Damn, it was long, confusing, and quite boring.

Foods class, we had to make this nasty ass thing of stuffed zucchinis. Also, easy risotto. The risotto was alright, but the zuchinnis were quite disgusting. I got mad when we were making them though. This one dumb ass girl in my group, f'in threw away the zuchinnis, thinking after we hollowed them out, we didn' t need them. She's stupid. It's called stuffed ZUCHINNIS. meaning you stuff the actualy zuchinnis. She couldn't even f'in read the damn instructions. We had to pick the zuchinnis out of the trash and wash them without the teacher seeing. Then when they were done, when my teacher was taste testing everyone's, I couldn't help but laugh when she ate a big ass chunk of ours. I ended up trying the other groups zuchinni, and it was pure nastyness.

English was horrible. He was in a bad mood today. He kept asking us questions about Federalist #10, and no one could answer them. Haha. I think he was mad. But then, we kinda started answering the questions. I hate it when we have to analyze the damn papers, and do rhetoric squares.

Anatomy was freaking easy. All he did was go over the hear for 5 minutes, and then we had 175 minutes of free time. It was quite fun. All I did was talk to Jina about 8th-10th grade. It was fun remembering the memories. The good old days, when I was still back at Sierra Vista High, instead of gay ass Spring Valley High. I wish I could go back. I want to graduate with everyone. Spring Valley isn' so bad I guess though. I've got to know a lot more people better than before, something I probably would've never done at Sierra Vista.

Hmm.. 4 more days until the weekend. We get next tuesday off. Or at least freshman and most juniors. Sophmores have proficiency testing that day. YAY for me, cuz I passed all my profilciencys.

Well, that's enough rambling tonight. G'day

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Thursday. 3.17.05 4:45 pm
Hm. Spring Break is coming soon. One more day. Yay. I don't even know why I am so excited. I'm going to be working most of break. At least no school, or homework though. And I get paid. I do, however, just want to sleep in alll day long. That'd be awesome.

Haven't really done anything much this week. Today, we had an assembly, so I got to leave early. Isaac, Bryce, Wayne, Charlene, and I all went to KJ's. They didn't have a ride home, so I don't know how any of them got home, or if they even did. I left to go to the Key Club BBQ. Picked up Sharon and Jina on the way. It was pretty fun. The fire thing kept going out and stuff, so it took awhile to cook all the food. Then we picked up trash. Or mostly everyone did. I smell like freaking smoke now. I'm going to take a shower soon. I think I'll color my hair first though.

The phone is working awesome. I love it, and so do other people. lol. I finished all my late work for history, which is awesome. Wayne was kind enough to let me copy his ch 23, 24, and 25 DBQs, which helped a lot. Hopefully, it'll bring that D into an A or high B. We registered for our classes next year. I have only 3 classes.. or more like 3 and a half. Its actually 4, but one you only meet once a month for like 15 minutes. Yay. Haha. It's going to be cool next year, getting out so early. Let's see I'm taking Modern Lit H, Government AP, and Marketing 1. Yes, easy schedule indeed. Then after a year of that schedule, I graduate. YAY. I can't wait till June 2006.



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Tuesday. 3.15.05 2:41 pm
my new phone simlpy ROCKS

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Thursday. 3.10.05 6:17 pm
Ah. Bored. Watching Lizzie Mcguire. =] Haha.

Hm. Today was B day at school, so that means quite boring. Finished the math test today. It was quite easy since I had the answers. lol. Stil had trouble on a couple of them though. Hopefully I got at least a B.

After school, Wayne and I went to Branick's room, and met up with Bryce. Then Davina and Raedawn came. We all wanted our PSAT scores, which Branick was supposed to have, but he didnt. So we went to the counselor's office. The secretary or whoever was being a total bitch. I'm guessing she was having a bad day. She slammed the door at us. =\ Haha.

After.. yea I went to the Key Club room for a couple of minutes, cuz it was right next to the room Charlene was in, and we were waiting for her. Yep. KC has a BBQ next Thursday.

After.. Charlene, Wayne, Bryce, Isaac, and I headed off to KJ's kitchen. It was quite yummy. Dissapointed in the green beans though. There was so not enough sauce on them. I didn't get full though. We didn't order enough food. =\. Hahaha. After we went to TCBY. It was quite disgusting cuz the ice cream was all melty. Then on mine there were like 204832003248398232482409284 ladles of fudge and carmel on it. After. Dropped everyone off. Wayne like THREW my sponge bob tissue box out the window. Haha. Or the wind just blew it out.

I'm freaking tired. AAAAAAAAAH. The last few days have been boring. Tomorrow is Friday. Thankfully. One more week till Spring Break. Then a week of RELAXATION. yay. My phone is supposed to come on Tuesday. I'm excited.

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Sunday. 3.6.05 10:24 pm
So, as always, the weekend has gone by way to fast. Good thing I didn't really do anything fun, or else it would've gone by even quicker.

Let's see, Saturday, I didn't get up until 1ish. That felt good. I havne't slept that late for awhile. Around 3, I went to Fashion Show Mall, but didn't find anything. It was quite a waste of time actually. All I bought was starbucks, but I didn't even enjoy that, because the line was a kabajillion people long. Hm, after I uh, went back home. Hah. Fun day ey? I would've been better off at the Key Club Conclave thing. Whatever.

Today. Slept until about 11:30 because people kept calling. Went downstairs, looked at the Target brochure thing, where it says all its sales, because Target is my favorite store. Nothing really good though. Ladder 49 comes out on Tuesday, so I want to rent that. Season 9 of Friends comes out, so I think my sister is going to buy it. It says it only has 2 discs though? The rest of the seasons have like 4. Typo maybe? Maybe not. After, I got ready. Then went to Olive Garden with my parents. Then to costco. Then to Best Buy. Bought absolutely nothing. I don't like spending my money anymore, well at least not on things. When it comes to food, yes I will spend all of it. Haha. Came home, then started loading songs onto my IPod, because my dad is back, so I can use his laptop. I really need to get my new computer, so I can finally upload songs and play Counter Strike, which I love dearly. =\

I ordered a new phone online. I'm so freaking excited. It looks like the coolest phone ever. !! 250 dollars though. Bleh. THere goes some of my computer money. =\. I need more hours at work.

School is tomorrow. AAAAAAH. Another week of dlak;fha;fdklfa. Spring Break is soon though. Hopefullly, my phone will come soon!


-- almaness

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